Island of Solitude
The Battle of Isla Castle
If Dreams Could Dance
The North Remembers
The White Plague
The North Remembers II
She Distanced Herself, To Save Herself
I Remind Myself of What I Lost That Night, My Love. In The Thrill of it All.
The Woods
You Have Given Me The Courage To Be All That I Can
Some Enchanted Evening
For Lolo
Wingardium Leviosa
The Beautiful Ones (They Hurt You Every Time)
In The Darkest Night Hour
Third Star To The Right
Rocket Man II
Rocket Man
In The Lonely Hour
For Closure
The Art of Letting Go
Didn't We Almost Have It All
Moon River & Me
The Fall
Blindly I Imagined I Could Keep You Under Glass
The Mouth of the Well
The Road to Transformation
What I Did For Love
Time After Time
Where Do Broken Hearts Go
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